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One of my cuckold bitches just got back from Thailand getting the penis enlargement operation that I demanded he get for me. I told him he could fuck me once he had a bigger dick. Guess what? I lied! Heehee! I *do* let the sissy cuckold boy touch, and God Forbid I let him eat my pussy! A white boy eating my pussy BEFORE it is covered with a black mans cum?? Yes you heard that right! This is a rare sight indeed, so cuck boys out there enjoy it while it lasts! My sissy cuckold pays for this pleasure though, wait until you guys see the end of this scene! I lure my sweet cuckboy in closer to Ice Cold's 12 inch black cock by telling him I want him to get a close look at how a real man fucks. Once my cuckold's face is close enough, Ice Cold quickly pulls his huge cock out of my pussy and shoots his load all over the cuckold's face! Oooops! HaHaHaHa!

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Member ttk42**** Said:
Really Really Nice!

Member lefto**** Said:
That is some funny shit!!! I was lookin for this one a while back ago. more cum on the cucks face!!!! ;)

Member wcbdi**** Said:
gay as shit

Member calli**** Said:
On the guys face??? Really?

Member bitch**** Said:
Best one she ever did

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